Project Bubbles is a comprehensive, award-winning online resource to enable childcare professionals prepare a quality play-based curriculum for children aged 3-4 years. 

Since it's launch almost ten years ago, Project Bubbles has been a massive educational publishing success in Ireland, the United Kingdom and overseas. Used by over 2,000 preschools, kindergartens and daycare centres internationally,  Project Bubbles Curriculum Resources have enabled thousands of childcare professionals create brilliant child-centered, age appropriate  early years curricula for their settings. 


The easy to use online Curriculum Planning Guide offers a huge collection of practical ideas, activities, games, stories, songs and poems . It's really easy to follow and divided into separate monthly units, offering hundreds of clever ideas to help you implement a brilliant curriculum for the children in your care. 


To compliment the main curriculum planning guide, you get access to a Library of Printable Resources.  This allows you to print dozens of Individual Activity Pages linked to your main curriculum plan. You can also print Flash Cards and Posters These printable pages are designed to support each child's creativity and imagination and can be shared with parents to help them understand all the interesting concepts their child is learning. Print directly from your own PC or tablet.


In addition, you also have access to the Project Bubbles Music and Sounds Library which features "ready to play" Project Bubbles songs, classical music and real life sounds linked to your curriculum. Bring your classroom to life with these original and classic recordings as well as everyday sounds of the world. Songs are playable with and without words. Play the music directly from your PC, tablet or smartphone.

The Monthly Reflection and Observation Tools allow you to keep a record of each child's engagement with the curriculum plan and will form a useful part of your overall record keeping duties.  

Project Bubbles has been designed to be flexible and to complement any national curriculum guidelines you may be following. No more trawling though the internet for preschool ideas - everything you need is here in one massive, easy to use resource! Sold as a 1 Year Subscription.

Project Bubbles was Overall Winner of the 2008 UK Practical Preschool Awards


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Customer Testimonials

“Project Bubbles is the best preschool product to come on the market in years. My colleagues and I love using it.  The huge volume of ideas and activities has been great for planning. We have had so many positive comments from parents”

Hazel O'Connor and Claire Tuohy - Lifford Childcare Centre, Co. Clare

"Project Bubbles has been a wonderful addition to our creche and pre-school centre. The children have responded really well to the programme and our staff have thoroughly enjoyed working with it. It's been a great help"

Suzanne Conolly - Preschool Manager, Newbridge Family Resource Centre, Co. Kildare

"It's simple to use and the children absolutely love the music and visual resources"

Barbara Macken, Owner, Rugrats Childcare, Navan, Co. Meath

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